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    Welcome to the first official Nebula News™ Segment!

    Owner Is Disrespectful To Community Member (Shotdown#6311) For Trying To Be Nice!

    I know what you are thinking, and yes it's true. One of the Owners of TheNebula (Internal) was rude to a community member (Shotdown) after he shows that he doesn't appreciate lower-ranked members of the server. This is so sad. On March 14th 2019 Internal decides to say this in chat after Shotdown is trying to be kind to him. This made Shotdown very sad and he used 2 emojis in a suicidal way. The owner, being as rude as he was that day, decided to reply with a simple "lel" and later on he decides to take Shotdown's OG role away for a short amount of time. Shotdown (Clearly Not Me) said in an interview: "Yes I felt very disrespected that day and I was mostly shocked at how the owner came of at first as such a nice person, but then decided to be very rude to me."
    The evidence to this part of the Nebula News™

    More News:

    Not Seeing Your Reason For Your Denied Staff Application? Here's The Answer!

    So, if your application was denied and you want to see the response / reason, You Can't! The forums have not been setup to cater for this, and it shows that you have no permission to see your old application. This is most likely because if you can see your old one, you would be able to see everyone else's ones. This is because when it get's accepted / denied it get's moved to a different location, and only staff with the correct permissions can access it (Most likely to protect your information from being seen by others). This is all well and good, but we want to know why they are denied, right? So! I have a plan that could help with this! If the Staff were to DM you on the forums / Discord and give you the reason why there, as well as on the forum post so other staff can see it and it would be archived. I think this system would be more useful for the people who apply.

    Thank you for reading the Nebula News™ Segment. Make sure to follow Me so you don't miss any news that come out! Also make sure to like! Have a great day
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